people that the world spits out

walking along walking alone down albert road by night

just past dusk

some people walking back from their jobs

some people hustling on the streets cuz that’s their jobs

some folks on the corner sweeping the streets doing their jobs

some folks on the corner eating chips taking a break from their jobs

some folks without jobs

can i spare a two rand

quiet and mostly deserted

only folks around are the ones who the world spat out

the ones that the world continues to spit out

those watching the cars of the rich folks eating at the restaurants in the gentrified quarter

while those few who still own their homes

are surrounded by rising house prices

surrounded by empty neighbourhoods

across the road from eating establishments they can’t afford to stomach

across the road from the bromwell

across the road from the boutique mall throttling the ghost of the ghoema

now the car guard watches the white folks drinking craft beer for a couple of coins

i’m swimming around in the mouth of the world

in which capitalism is the saliva gland

racism the teeth

patriarchy the tongue

i’m swimming past all those on the street

thinking about the world’s terrible capacity for spit

to the music

to the music

we give thanks for the privilege

for choosing us, for our calling

we give thanks for the task bestowed upon us

for allowing us to call, to respond and to choose our calling


we are humbled by the magnitude of our task

and by the lineage in which we are located


we give thanks to those who have come before

those who have forged the way

that we might walk their paths

work and walk further along


we are humbled by the magnitude of our task

and the work we have been called to do in the present






and spiritual



as I understand our task

it is to heal this hurting world

console broken souls

give life to those rendered lifeless

to inspire and to incite

to stoke the fires

relight dying embers

remind and restore sight :: true sight

to unveil the world

be in and act in the world

to study, learn, craft and speak true words

to provoke, induce and encourage

encounter(s with) the self

to insist on love

and to always insist on the importance of revolution

[of self and/in the world]


we give thanks to the music

the ancient spirits that move through us, the vessels

thank you for choosing us

we move forward with the light

toward the light

fighting always for the light


rooted in the past: listening

acting decisively in the present: playing

writing hopefully the future: building and imagining


order as oppressor

I’m on campus right now

And the silence is choking

It’s is an expression of power: Order as oppressor, business as usual

It’s a weapon of the power-

Full bellies, fat paychecks and fridgefuls of morals


The hungry, the angry, the ‘immoral’ outsourced

Those financially and academically

Locked out the door

Must beg and burn

For their demands to be heard

And even then

I’m now in the library reading history

Thinking about how history is written

How history is made and silence constructed

How the tire burn marks on campus from the ‘riots’ last week

Are still visible on the tar

But otherwise absent

Like our story was

Arrested like our comrades

By protectors of order

This time by the media

The collective consciousness of the status quo

The social organiser of forgetting

A hard-to-stop bus driven by the well-buttressed

Power structures reproducting themselves

Through the media

The gods

The schools

The managers

The capital

The fools

The capitalists

The mines

The tools of reproduction are in our minds…