The Black Imagin(ed)nation*

<< isms and schisms and chasms and cleavages and fractures in the Black imagined nation

populisms, recalled struggle-isms, empty marxisms and non-racialism: ideologyless African national congress-ism.

Malema-ism and Mngxitamisms; nationalisations and state-led capitalisms; monopolising the pseudo-democratic space for black radicalism: EFF-until-something-better-comes-along-ism

rhodes is falling: isms and schisms

exceptionalism and Afro-phobism: Black self-hate finding violent outlets in who is proximate – yet somehow so distanced

distances and differences, a nation constructed upon

*everyday gendered violences somehow unexceptionalist*

isms and schisms and siblings and killings

!how can an African be a foreigner in Africa?

querying the premises of discourses of ‘xenophobism’:
language missing the mark

!how can an African be a foreigner in Africa?

our relation to the carved-up continent is characterised by neo-imperialism and here we are killing over crumbs when the suburbs contain the true benefactors and spoils of colonialism. [locating Afrophobia in white supremacism]


Au Lorde, save us from white liberalism and its thinly-veiled anti-Black racism!

anti-Black sentiment liberally dished out by the repressive and ideological state apparatuses refracted through the sold out floor-crossing ex-pan-Africanist evil[step][mothercity]mayor…

Double Allegiance-ism.

isms and schisms and the Black imagination:

imagine the Black nation.

Bikoism in conversation with Black feminism. beyond Mbekism and neoliberal imperialism toward a new pan-Africanism. LGBTQIA+ism: forward to intersectionalism. rescuscitate Lembede-ism. revisit No Sizwe-ism and at all times nurture a lively imagination because from the imagination of the Black nation the new Black nation will emerge as a nation in realisation >>


*This piece was originally published in the JWTC Salon 9- Special issue by Rhodes Must Fall. Accessible at:


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