we are the revolution and we are the new history*

*(TW- poem contains a quote with deeply sexist language)*

history is coming for you

it will catch up with you

nah, it will catch you

to those in the blue uniforms

getting ready behind their trucks

those putting on masks

readying themselves with riot gear to confront the peaceful forces of history, the peaceful forces of victory

you are living outside of history, or at least you are attempting to

you who shoots bullets, you who fires tear gas, you who throws stun grenades

who is driving in squad deep with your over-dressed posse in your casspir, trying in vain to push pause on history

you who can no longer recognise that it is your sister you are aiming at

who can no longer recognise that it is your brother’s neck that you have in a chokehold

you who has forgotten that it was those dressed as you are now who brought terror and wrought destruction on our peoples’ lives…

are you not also a child of the state of emergency? you cannot live outside of history forever

but you can be caught on the wrong side

and indeed the wrong side of history is where you are

you are the counter-revolution

the antithesis of the people

you are the negation of yourself and your people

those of you who were once black are now non-white

having spent so long in collusion with those in suits in the white halls of power co-opted into a power structure you have no stake in, you occupy in my mind the same place as the racist dogs that guard white houses in the suburbs gleefully chowing on a bone when massa praises you for terrorising the dark stranger passing the gate

those who police the interstices of society in the interests of the status quo have renounced their agency in service of the forces of oppression: you are no longer historical agents, you cannot be because you cannot see

you are outside of history

or at least, you are trying to be

to you in the suit

to you in the meeting rooms calling the shots

you, the managers and staunch protectors of the status quo, the overly-paid overseers of overt and covert projects of oppression, insisting on starvation wages while you belch, belly-full

history sal jou vang

to you, masquerading cyber parasite

whose racism and classism cuts through the liberal coating of your comment concerning protestors going about it the wrong way

to you, the student motorist, driving a fancy car to university from the quiescence and tranquility of the burbs

whose racism and classism is visible when you aggressively and intentionally cause bodily harm by driving into folks who are peacefully blocking the entrance to your elite campus

to you, yelling at protestors, telling them to go back to the zoo

to you, the associate professor, insisting that those protesting for living wages and an end to a fee-regime that keeps poor black folks outside the university, insisting that we are “fucking selfish cunts”…

we see you

we see your sexism

we see your racism

we see your classism

you living outside of history, well you are trying to

you are on the wrong side of history but what you must realise is that, here on the right side of history, we are building a new Azania

Azania is living

we are writing new histories

indeed we are new histories

what you must realise is that your insistence on values of domination inscribed and defined by imperialist, colonial and neo-colonial projects of white supremacist-heteronormative-capitalist-patriarchy, is outside of history

those relations of domination and hierarchy will not survive the revolution

the revolution is now

we are the revolution and we are the new history


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