ode to words (a poem for my family)

words have become really important to me

i am grateful for the love of words that comes from home

from family

i remember back in bristol

weekend afternoons

parents reading to us on the couch in the front room

endless words

endless stories

i also recall

saturday morning trips to randburg library

everyone getting serious books


while i opted for asterix


from asterix to tintin to lirael and abhorsen

bell hooks to freire to biko and baldwin

ata aidoo to adichie from achebe to walker

tutola galleano sobukwe and padmore


reading words has become real important to me

they have given me privileged access to independent

and critical thought

and myself

almost all the things that I am becoming

emerge from read words


writing words has become real important for me

increasingly it is through words that I constitute myself

through words that I make sense of this world

and grapple with my place

through words that I imagine

a new world


in these few but many ways

words are real important to me

so I thought I would reflect on them

and with love

write a few for you



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